Hybrid Share News en-us http://hybrid-share.sf.net theo.bertozzi@gmail.com Hybrid Share is a Different Kind of P2P... <h2>Hybrid Share 1.2 Released</h2> <div class="postinfo">28 Feb 2007 - Matteo Bertozzi</div> <p> This is The <b>Second Stable Release</b> of Hybrid Share. Hybrid Share 1.2 introduce the following <b>new features</b>: </p> <ul> <li>Allow authorized users to Write on my writable shared directory</li> <li>File Searcher (Using Names, Types)</li> <li>Accounts Manager, With AutoLogin</li> <li>Partial Download/Uploads Support</li> <li>Buddies System with Groups</li> <li>Multiple Shared Path</li> <li>AES/RSA Encryption</li> </ul> <p> You can find Hybrid Share Packages at the <a href="downloads.php" title="Download Page">Download Page</a>. </p> http://hybrid-share.sf.net/news.php?y=2018&m=3&d=1 1 3 2018 <h2>Hybrid Share 2.0 on TRAC</h2> <div class="postinfo">23 Mar 2007 - Matteo Bertozzi</div> <p> As suggested by <i>Luigi Pantano</i> for the Hybrid Share 2.0 (Python), I'll use the TRAC system. Take a look here: <a href="http://tools.assembla.com/HybridShare" title="http://tools.assembla.com/HybridShare">http://tools.assembla.com/HybridShare</a>, contribution is needed :) </p> http://hybrid-share.sf.net/news.php?y=2018&m=3&d=1 1 3 2018 Moving to Python?

Someone doesn't like .NET on Linux, and i don't like the Mono release schedule. There're many problem when i try to port Mono on the other system, Gtk 2.8 instead 2.10 and other small things. Python with wxWidget or Qt4 could be the solutions, but I need help to rewrite Hybrid Share. If you are Interested, this is my mail theo.bertozzi@gmail.com.

Hybrid Share Logo Contest http://hybrid-share.sf.net/news.php?y=2018&m=3&d=1 1 3 2018 Hybrid Share needs a distinctive logo. There are no guidelines on how the logo should be. The only rule that you have to follow is that, the logo should be in svg format.

The prize for the competition is the honour and satisfaction of having your work displayed on Hybrid Share Web Site and Application, with full credit given for each use of the image.

There's no date set for the contest's end. All the Logos will be exposed at the Logos Page

You Could Send Your Artwork to Me (theo.bertozzi@gmail.com)