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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Is it time to Come Back to Python?

Is it time to try an internal Fork of the Application?


I have started to write Hybrid Share with C# because Mono Team seems really active and interested to the Portability, but now no one seems interested to it, or not so much.

One of the mine main purposes is to have the possibility to port this application one many platform, in easier way, as possible. For this reason i've leaved C, but it's not easy choose the right language.

I don't like Java, but it's very portable and it has already many and many packages and utilitis, but it's back compatibility missing support bring me to decide to don't use this language.

C# was very similar to Java, and improve all the bad things of it. Mono Project is trying to port this language and all the framework .NET on all the architecture and operating system, but do this is not easier. For me C#/Mono will be the real solution to write application really portable, but not at this time.


For me the last solution is Python, my preferred language after C. Python has very active development and support, has binary release for all the supported platform, and has many extra packages (library).

The portability problems in general are due to the GUI Packages. I like so much Gtk+ but for Mac OS X needs the X server and other many packages. The solution could be use Qt4, that seems portable without any Problem because KDE4 could be run on Windows and Mac, Another possible solution is use wxWidget.

Suggestions and Informations are really well accepted, if you want write to me, my mail address is theo.bertozzi@gmail.com.

Is Hybrid Share Moving to Python?

As someone of you have seen, in the Subversion Repository is present a directory called Python-Fork, this contains my experiment to porting Hybrid Share C# code to Python.

Someone doesn't like .NET on Linux, and i don't like the Mono release schedule. There're many problem when i try to port Mono on the other system, Gtk 2.8 instead 2.10 and other small things. Python with wxWidget or Qt4 could be the solutions, but I need help to rewrite Hybrid Share.

If you are Interested, this is my mail theo.bertozzi@gmail.com. I need developers to do it!