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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Hybrid Share 1.2 Feature Spotlight

This is a feature spotlight to let you know about the new things that Hybrid Share 1.2 will provide.

Transfers Viewer

Partial Downloads

Now you have the possibility to stop and resume download. In the future (1.3/1.4 Release) this feature will be extended, to use a "Distributed Network" (something similar to eMule, bitTorrent, GNUnet).

New Transfers Viewer

To solve feature request number #1618704, I've implemented a new Transfers Viewer much similar to eMule once. So The Old Download Viewer is Abandoned? Yes and No... At this time the old Download Viewer works without the stop and resume possibility, but it works. Before than the 1.4 release I want add this features also to the old Download Viewer, so in the 1.4 you cold choose from the old one or the newer downloads/uploads viewer.

Extended Search with Image Preview

Buddy List

Much more similar to an Instant Messaging client! I'm working on a simple buddy list plugin, that allow you to add users and groups and manage as you do with your favourite IM client. But I couln't find a good icon for the Groups, so if you want send me one... I'm glad to accept and use it. (If you're interested to draw icon for Hybrid Share take a look at Artwork Contest)


Another useful introduction of 1.1 release is the Search Plugin, that allow you to search by type, size and using regular expressions files of other users. You could search in a specific user or group directories but you could also search file on all the users' directories. In The next release (1.3/1.4) will be introduced the search using Tags and Descriptions System. As in Folder View, you could see image preview in the search results (if you have activated image preview option).

Account Manager

AES/RSA Encryption

As Features Request #1615658 says, I've added the support for the AES/RSA encryption on all the comunications. From the settings dialog you could select to activate by default encryption, and if you want exclude non encrypted user.

Account Manager & Auto Login

With Account Manager come Auto Login features. Now you could select your default account and skip, all the times, the login Dialog.

Directories Settings Dialog

All in One Settings Dialog

Now Hybrid Share hasn't all the configuration pop-up dialog as before. All the plugins and all things that need a configuration dialog will be putted here.

Shared Directories

Hybrid Share has the possibility to share many directories. With the easier Folder Chooser selector, you could choose what folder of your disk share. This feature solve the problem of Double Copy of file, that before you have to do to share your files.

If you are interested to contribute please write to me at my mail address theo.bertozzi@gmail.com.