About Hybrid Share
Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Hybrid Share From Source Code

To Compile Hybrid Share from Sources, you have to install Mono Development Kit (gmcs as Mono C# Compiler and mono libraries, like sqlite), Gtk# 2.10 and GNU Make, AutoConf and AutoMake.

Release >= 1.1.x

In This Relase you'll find 4 packages, You have to compile it in this order:

  • niry-sharp
  • hybrid-share-core
  • hybrid-share-plugins
  • hybrid-share
Compilation Steps
  • Enter into Sources Directory.
  • Type "./autogen.sh" or "sh autogen.sh" if the first doesn't work.
  • Type "./configure" to configure application for your system, and check dependecing.
  • Tyoe "make" to compile it.

Release 1.0.x

First Release of Hybrid Share doesn't use AutoTools to compile it.

Compilation Steps
  • Enter into Hybrid Share Sources Directory.
  • Type "make" To Compile Main Application with Hybrid Share Plugin DLL.
  • Type "make Startup" To Compile Hybrid Share Startup for Windows.
Plugin Compilation Steps
  • Enter into Hybrid Share Plugin Directory.
  • Type "make" To Compile Plugin and Generate Plugin DLL.
  • Type "make install" To Copy the Plugin DLL into Your Plugins Directory.