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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Secure Authentication/Connections

First of All you have to remember that "Secure Authentication" DOESEN'T mean "Secure Connection". Remember that if you login with Secure Authentication you are not using a Secure Connection.

What is Secure Authentication?

Secure Authentication are refered to your credentials. If you want to do login with Secure Authentication, you have to be registered on one of the Hybrid Share Name Server.

Login Dialog

Hybrid Share Name Server is a User Database that permit you to receive information about users, and permit you to connect at their using a username, that is in this form: "username@server". The Name Server permit you to use Hybrid Share in the same way as a Tradition IM (Instant Messaging) Application, like MSN, GTalk, ...

When user try to connect to you, you are informed about user authentication type. In this way you could know if user that will try to connect you are the real user or not, because to will be authenticated on a server you need your own password.

Why I would have to be connected Without Secure Authentication?

Add User Dialog

Secure Authentication is useful to use Hybrid Share with your friends like an IM application, but if you want be anonymous and have a better data security you don't have to use secure authentication.

But to Add User without Secure Authentication you need your friends Ip and Port where their Hybrid Share were running. So, Hybrid Share without secure authentication is useful in your home/office LAN (Local Area Network).

What is Secure Connection?

AES/RSA Settings Dialog

Secure Connection is the real secure system, provided by AES/RSA Plugin. This plugin permit you to send your data (Files, Talk Comunication, ...) under encrypted stream, so no one could know what are you sending and what you are talking about. RSA Provide Asymmetric Encryption, so only you can decrypt the data that arrives you.

From AES/RSA Settings Dialog you could set your RSA Key Size, Major size increase security but increase the download/upload times. Key of 512 byte is the default mix from security and speed. From settings dialog you could also select to block users without encryption, if this options is not set messages for you are encrypted but from you to the others aren't.