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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Login and Accounts

Login Dialog

When you run Hybrid Share for the first time you will find a login dialog, like the image on the left. Here you could do Secure Authentication if you have registered account or login without Secure Authentication (For More Informations about Secure Authentication Check Secure Authentication And Connection Page).

If you want to do use secure authentication, to use Hybrid Share with your friends, you have to register (registration is free) an account, like an Instant Messaging Applications.

Account Registration

There are Two ways to register an Account. The first is Registration From the Website (for example at Hybrid Share Registration Page) or from the Application. Open "File" Menu from Login Dialog and click on "Register Account", a dialog like the image on the right will appear, fill the forms and click on Ok, if no error dialog appear you could do login (using login dialog) fill username form with your username (username@server), insert password and check "Use Secure Authentication". A progress dialog introduce you into Hybrid Share Main Window, now you are ready to add users (buddies), talk and share your files.

Accounts Managment

Accounts Managment

If you have many accounts, you probabily want save it to remember easily. Account Manager is the plugin that do that, but not only. With the Account Manager you could set the Auto Login for specified user, so the next time that you re-open Hybrid Share you will be automatically in the Main Window. You can find "Account Manager" Dialog into "File" Menu in both Login and Main Window, Menu is called "Add/Edit Account", click on it and dialog like the left one will be opened.