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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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GUI Tag/Metadata System

At this time, the 1.3 development in not already started, but new ideas are growing, and something else is already on the way to being written. This is the case of the Tag/Metadata System, that will be introduced in development version 1.3 for the stable 1.4. Tag/Metadata system, permit you organize your files and folder, and to search it by "arguments".


I'm watching the Avant Window Navigator application of Neil J. Patel, and i've clicked on the Neil Blog, where i've seen the Nautilus Mockup, that you could see on your left, (For More Images and Informations check this page Nautilus Metadata Tile UI Ideas).

I think that the idea to display the file/folder informations at the bottom of the window is so good. This allows to avoid the bad Properties/Settings Dialog. This reduce your mouse click and the time to see your needed information.

UI Tag/Metadata System

I was looking for a great Tag/Metadata UI System, and i think that this could be nicer as solution. So i've tried to write some code to add this extra panel. You could see the result in the right Hybrid Share Image.

At the moment the result could be not so good as the Neil one, but there's time to improve it. I'll wait your suggestions to make it better.

Remember: Other solutions are really well accepted, and code implementation much more! :D

The Source code of Tag/Metadata System will be inserted in the SVN (Subversion) Repository when Hybrid Share 1.2 will be released, and new development stage starts.