About Hybrid Share
Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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How Compile On Windows

First to Compile Hybrid Share on Windows, you need to Download Mono and Gtk# Package, that you'll find at Mono Downloads Page. Once that you have installed it, you'll need to setup environment PATH with the mono bin directory path. After this steps you are ready to compile Hybrid Share on Windows.

Microsoft Windows
  • Download Hybrid Share Sources
  • Unpack Sources
  • Get Windows Patch that you'll find in Windows Patches Package, and copy into directory where you have unpacked sources. Replace sources Files with the Windows one.
  • Open Terminal (cmd)
  • Enter in niry-sharp/src directory and type WinMake.bat
  • Copy niry-sharp.dll into hybrid-share-core/src/
  • Enter in hybrid-share-core/src directory and type WinMake.bat
  • Copy niry-sharp.dll and HybridSharePlugin.dll into hybrid-share/src/
  • Enter in hybrid-share/src directory and type WinMake.bat
  • Copy niry-sharp.dll, HybridSharePlugin.dll and HybridShare.exe into another directory

Now for all the plugins you'll have to follow this steps

  • Open Terminal (cmd)
  • Enter in hybrid-share-plugins/plugins/PLUGIN_NAME/
  • Copy niry-sharp.dll and HybridSharePlugin.dll in the current directory
  • Type WinMake.bat and copy the created *.dll somewhere

How To Make Windows Installer

  • Create a WinInstall Directory and put into it:
    • HybridShare.exe
    • Startup.exe
    • HybridSharePlugin.dll
    • niry-sharp.dll
  • Make a Plugins Directory and add into it all Plugin's *.dll
  • Copy Mono folder into WinInstall and rename it into Mono
  • Download sqlite3.dll from Sqlite Site and add into Mono/bin/
  • Open Build Installer Application and create Hybrid Share Installer

I'm not a Windows Friend, and I don't know batch scripting, so if you want contribute making a simple compile script, I'm glad to accept it. (I need someone to manage the Windows Binary Release, if you are interested write to me).