About Hybrid Share
Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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Contact Author

For Informations about Application (Implementations, RoadMap, ...) you could contact me:
Matteo Bertozzi: theo.bertozzi@gmail.com

Reporting Bugs

Bugs in Hybrid Share Stable Release should be reported in Hybrid Share Bugs Report page.
You are encouraged to search to see if the problem has already been reported.

If you are using Hybrid Share Development Relase you are pleased to send bug(s) at my mail address (theo.bertozzi@gmail.com), because it's always checked.

Features Request

If you have a list of features or suggestions that you want apply to Hybrid Share, post it at Features Request page, or feel free to contact me (theo.bertozzi@gmail.com).

You Are pleased to describe as much as you can, what the feature has to do, and what is its target. (You could use examples or hand-free sketches).