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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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What's the meaning of "Hybrid Share" ?
Hybrid Share, Due Hybrid means (Many Shapes) and due that this application can comunicate with many different OS Standards of sharing and also this application is cross platfrom Hybrid would suit the name pretty well from my point of view. Also i do love the word Hybrid it have a pretty cool sound in it ;)
Peter Johansson
On Which platform Hybrid Share can run ?
Hybrid Share works on All The Mono Supported Platforms. Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, *BSD, Linux and Window... with x86, sparc, ppc and many others. The Complete Mono Supported Platforms list is here: Mono Supported Platforms.
What is The Current Stable Version ?
The Current Hybrid Share Stable Version is 1.2.0, while the 1.3.0 is under development.
What means "Secure Authentication" at Login Dialog ?
"Secure Authentication" at the Login Dialog, doesn't mean that Hybrid Share will use a "Secure Connection", but it means that you connect on Hybrid Share Server Specified by your domain name (name@domain). If you want connect on Hybrid Share Server you have to register your name, Like a Traditional IM client.
Why you have called it "Secure Authentication" if isn't "Secure Connection" ?
I've called it "Secure Authentication" because when buddy try to connect at your client, you should know if it's really it or not. If it's connect to Hybrid Share Server (Secure Auth) you know that it is it, else it could be one with the same name.
I don't have understand the previous answer...
Ok... With Standard IM client you could add user/buddy only with its username (name@domain), but with Hybrid Share you have to ways. The First is using username (Secure), like Traditional IM. The Second is using user Ip (Insecure). Secure And Insecure stands for I know or I don't know if the user is who it really say.
How I could use "Secure Connection" ?
Secure Connection is provided by AES/RSA Plugin, so if you want turn on "Secure Connection" you have to activate "AES/RSA Encryption" from Tools Menu (This Feature is available since 1.1 Release).
What Port do I've to open in my Firewall ?
Default Settings for Hybrid Share Port is 7085, but you could change using its settings dialog.