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Hybrid Share is a User Friendly Application for Mac, Windows and Linux users, that allow you to Share file (and Talk) istantly with your friends...
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What is Hybrid Share ?

Hybrid Share is a simple (User Friendly) Mono C#/Gtk# Application that allow Mac, Windows and Linux Users To Share Files. The Application is extensible via Plugins, so you can Talk with connected people, check your mailbox or other things that plugins could do.

What do you use if you have to share files with your friends ?

E-Mail or Instant Messaging are the first possible solution, but the E-Mail Size block and the slowing of the IM make this channels bad to share files. The NFS (Network File System) or other system like this, works only between similar system or are a little bit difficoult to configure, the same for ftp server.

So The Solution is Hybrid Share that is Portable and Easy to Use, It isn't the Best Application in The World, but it does a useful work.

What is the Difference with a Normal P2P ?

Hybrid Share has a core of P2P but is more like a traditional IM (Instant Messenger), like GTalk, MSN, Gaim, Adium and so on.... No Network Configuration is needed, You've only to add your "buddies" (like an IM) and Drag File Into their folders...

Are P2P File Sharing Systems Illegal ?

P2P technologies have many legitimate uses. But Copying of commercial music and video files for personal enjoyment, it is that type of activity that generally violates the Copyright Law.

Hybrid Share wasn't born to spread the violations of the Copyright Law, but it was born To:

  • Make Easier The share of YOUR files (photo, video, docs, ...) with your friends.
  • Make Easier The Team Work on Different Systems.
  • Avoid strange Network Configuration Systems :)
  • Make a Bridge Between Different Systems.

The Project Origins

After Months of Gaim/Kopete (MSN) File Transfer Insatisfaction, I've tried other File Transfer methods, not based on "client » server » client" comunication. One of The Best Possible Solution is a P2P Comunication, but user interface not much user friendly or Network Configuration Problem, brings me to create from scratch a Simple, User Friendly and Portable application to Share Files.

One of the Main Problem that my Application want to solve is the image sharing. So The First Hybrid Share Development Points were this:

  • Simple "Network" Configuration, like IM Apps.
  • Browse into other buddy's Shared Directories.
  • User's Shared Images Preview.
  • P2P Comunication.

Simply Drag and Drop

The "Share File" User Interface of Hybrid Share is Based on Drag & Drop, because Hybrid Share want be simple and fast to use. Drag & Drop is the simplest way to move a file from a location to another. All The Users Know this method, so I've decided to use it.

Extensible via Plugins

Another "Features" That the Application Should have, It's the possibility of be Extensible. The Future of Hybrid Share and the "Second Core" are Plugins. Plugin is a Small Application, Simply to Fix and it could be adapted to the final user requirements, without changing all the Application Code.