Change Language, Change Protocols, Change Structure, These are the main requirements of the next big Release...

Hybrid Share
  • Ideas - Ideas for the Future, Hybrid Share Vision
  • Protocol - How are application's Protocols
  • Structure - How is structured the Application
  • Coding Guidelines - Hybrid Share 2.0 Source Guidelines
  • How To Write a Plugin - How to Write Hybrid Share 2.0 Plugin
  • Subversion Repository - View Live Hybrid Share 2.0 Source Code
  • Current Status: Planning
  • Current Developers: Matteo Bertozzi, Miroslav Prasil
Great just isn't good enough...

For more informations write to me (Matteo Bertozzi)

You could contribute with your ideas, source, icons, artworks and other small things...
So why not contribute? Project Really need it!